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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last Day of January... man it's been cold!

Today is the last day of January... here's to hoping February warms up! It's been REALLY cold... often 10 below zero F (that's 23 below zero Celsius!)

Yes, I'm still working on special order bears, but hope to have one on the website soon too! It's been SO cold that I had to take a break and make a new coat for my Girls. My whippet Girls ;) The coat I had made for them several years ago is starting to wear... and it was never really warm enough for weather THIS cold. Now they have a really warm one!

I won't be posting photos though... I had designed a new pattern and it desperately needs changes done to it to be seen in public LOL! It does keep them warm though and that's the important part. Hubby asked if I'd be making 4 -- but no, I only made one. When it's this cold I only take them out one at a time anyways so their paws don't freeze. Besides... I have bears that need making!

Monday, January 21, 2008

MIA Again!


I'm here - really I am! :) I've been busy trying to work on some special order bears... some are done, some almost are! I like to try to photograph several at a time because the set up and tear down of the "studio" takes so much time.

When I have been on the computer... I've used that time searching for young Chihuahuas in rescue and foster care. Hoping that one will join our family soon!

I've sent in my application for one little cutie that seems right for our family. We'll have to see how it goes. They have quite a few people who have applied for her... so my fingers are crossed!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sales Taxes are DONE!

One major paperwork chore done.... one larger one to go!

This is the part of the bear business that is NOT fun - paperwork! Especially when you procrastinate on it.

But yesterday I finished up the paperwork for sales taxes for 2007 and the check is in the mail, whohoo! Now I need to finish up all the other book keeping.. yuck!

I'm hoping to keep up on it this new year (yes, I say that every new year LOL!) But I think in the past I had set goals for myself that were hard to keep to - and so I did nothing. I've set my sights a little lower this year (ie: not as often) and I'm hoping that it's something I'll stick to!

I get the pleasure of going to the grocery store today too (I'm being sarcastic there). The sales taxes took a bit longer than I anticipated yesterday.

I sure hope I don't put it off this coming weekend! I hate doing these chores during the week when I could be making bears!

But although it's cold here in Chicago today (17°F/-8°C) the sun is out!!! Maybe today IS a better day to be running around :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Whoohoo It's Monday!

:) I mean that, really - I love Mondays. A fresh new week ahead of me with so many possibilities. (call me sick LOL!)

How was your weekend? I got some stuff done... like housework and laundry. Never did get around to the grocery store. I supposed I should do that today - DARN! Normally I like to do that on the weekends so I can concentrate on BEARS during the week. It's just been so dull, cloudy and dreary though... that I could not motivate myself to get ALL my chores done - so grocery shopping got neglected...

I didn't get much done on bear making this weekend... and boy did it show by Sunday afternoon. I was the biggest GROUCH! Even hubby mentioned something when he came in from his workshop at dinner time.

Later in the evening though, I was finally able to sit down and work on a bear. After 15 minutes he came into the room and mentioned how much better I was (grouch wise). I told him... it's because I'm finally working on a bear! It's really my favorite thing to do. I don't usually get that bad - but I do get a little out of sorts if I don't work on a bear for a couple of days.

And unfortunately bear making is not the top priority today. My fault for not getting my chores done promptly this past weekend! We do need some food in the house -- but I also need to finish up my sales tax form for the year of 2007. Then.. in the next 2 weeks... the bookkeeping for 2007. Why oh why do I wait and do it all at once time?? We'll see how I do about that in 2008 ;)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Mini Bear - ADOPTED!

Hi Everyone!

I hope the weekend is starting out well! I'm in the middle of housecleaning myself.. oh goody LOL!

I realized that I forgot to list one little bear when I did my website update yesterday. He had wandered off and didn't realize he was needed at the time.

His name is Lil' Thunder - and although he's not on my website yet you CAN see his listing on Bearpile here.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally - New Bears!!

Finally I have the first 2 bears of 2008 ready for adoption! They are on my website but I have not had a chance to email everyone to let you know. It's 4pm now and my Girls are reminding me that it is time to go out and have supper! Hopefully I can get back online tonight to announce the new 'bearths' :)


New Look to Blog... and already not keeping with Resolutions....

Well, I have given my blog a face lift! But I have to admit that I am not doing well with trying to keep my new 2008 goals.

My primary goal for 2008 (since Amy asked!) is to try to not get so distracted from doing the work that really needs to be done.

Giving my blog a face lift .... no ... it did not really need to get done. But it was driving me CRAZY! The image at the top was off center (that only took an HOUR to figure out in the html coding!) and the whole layout just wasn't quite the look I wanted.

Since I was at it anyways - I updated the graphics and color for Valentine's Day. That was the easy part :)

One of my favorite Disney movies is "Finding Nemo". I swear sometimes they developed Dory from watching me try to work.....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

2 New Bears Soon!

Well, here I was all set to really get going for the New Year and wham! I got hit by a nasty allergic reaction and was down and out for 2 days. Doing OK now though!

So, I'm a little more behind that I wanted to be... but will have 2 new bears available soon that are Valentine's Day related. One will be on my website and one on eBay.

I'm still working on the special order bears too! I try to work on web bears and order bears at the same time :)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Gettin' the New Year Going!

It doesn't seem like the "new year" to me until things get back to a normal schedule around here. Last week was a short work week for Hubby (thus for me too). Weekends I normally use to get housework done, laundry, grocery shopping...

This weekend I also used to try to get myself set for the New Year!

My studio is re-organized... yes, again! I've got my goals written out. I have been working my way towards keeping some of them. I may actually keep more of them this year as I'm hoping to remember to keep going back and re-reading my goals list to keep it fresh in my mind.

I have my Write Board calendar all set.... my "to do" write board all set... now I need to get my rear in gear!

It sure feels good to at least try to get all organized and set LOL!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Tag I'm It!

I was tagged (a while ago) by two wonderful artists - Chantal Giroux of Chantal Bears and Tami Eveslage of Tami Eveslage Original Teddy Bears.

I am to write five random things about myself, then tag five others to do the same . . . I think it's a neat way to learn more about everyone.

1) I used to be a photographer - my favorite subjects were pets and cars.
2) I drag race my Trans Am!
3) I love to read mysteries.
4) I've been on safari (twice) into the Amazon Jungle in Brazil
5) I'm hypoglycemic and cannot eat sugar

Now I get to Tag five people! It is so hard to choose as I know so many wonderfully talented bear artists! Here is who I am choosing. If you choose not to participate, I totally understand! It took me this long to finally get around to it myself :)

1) Amy - Mutz's Tootsz
2) Jennifer - Nimbleknot
3) Yvette - Y Daydream? Designs
4) Christine Pike
5) Krista - K Pawz Creations

Post these rules on your Blog.
Link to your Tagger. This is a wonderful PR tool for the GOOGLE search engines. HENCE THE NAME TAGGED!
Share 5 facts about yourself on your Blog. Some facts can be random & some unusual. Sharing on Tagger's Blog is optional.
Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their Blogs.
Let them know they are Tagged by leaving a comment on their Blog

*The INTERNET TAG GAME is a clever way to social network promotional (PR) links. It's a good thing! *Remember if you keep getting tagged & you're very busy at least your RANDOM 5 are good to go again & again & again...

First week of 2008!

Oh man has it been COLD this week! To give you an idea... when I took my Girls out this morning I was thrilled that it was 24 degrees outside. Glad to know that we've got a heat wave here LOL!!!

This week was a little funky, as we had New Year's day on Tuesday. That meant that hubby was home early on Monday and off on Tuesday - so the work week was really off. (not complaining here!)

I DID manage to finally finish and send off a bear to Teddy Bear & Friends - along with the pattern and instructions. I won't spoil the surprise, but it should be published in the March/April issue. I'm still working on some special order bears - and trying to get the studio in order. (a constant struggle)

Although I had a wonderful time with hubby this week (we stay home on NYEve and watch movies all night!) I'm looking forward to next week -- back to a full week of working in the studio!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What's New for 2008?

Do you make New Year's Resolutions? I don't actually make "resolutions" but I do write out a list of goals that would be nice to aim for. I guess by looking at it that way... if I don't achieve everything I don't feel like I "failed" LOL!!

I realized that in December I really neglected my blog... due to not feeling well, deadlines and getting ready for the holidays. But keeping this updated is one of the things that I want to get better at. In fact, I see that I've been tagged a couple of times :) I still want to play even if I'm terribly late!