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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sad Week....

Although I prefer to be upbeat here - cause it's no fun to read sad stuff... I wanted to post about my Uncle's passing - Skip. His services were this week. He will be greatly missed. He was actually fairly young. All of my Aunts and Uncles are young.

Skip had the most awesome outlook on life - mainly... have fun! Several years ago he and my Aunt moved from Chicago to Florida. Although she wanted to go... she wanted to go later, maybe after she retired. Skip said.. No - we're moving now.

OK... so they moved right before the huge destruction from the hurricanes several years ago and so the construction on their new house was delayed by a couple of YEARS. However, they were down where they loved to be.... able to go to the beach, go fishing... be WARM (we had a really long winter here in Chicago last year!) and loved the area they were in.

I am so glad... that although they moved away from here, that they did move when they did. If they had waited until my Aunt retired... Skip would have missed out on all the enjoyment he had from living where he wanted to be. My Aunt would have missed out on all those memories (she loves it there too)

So although we do need to "take care of business" of course... to keep a roof over our heads and our tummies filled.... don't forget to have fun along the way!!

For those waiting to get an email from me... I haven't forgotten you!! I'm hoping to get all caught up tomorrow ;)

MUCH love to everyone!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Birthday Present

For my birthday this past spring, my hubby got me a new larger gazebo for our deck to replace this old one - along with some new deck furniture.

Little did he know what a HUGE undertaking he took on for himself :) I had realized that we would end up using the new gazebo about as much as the old one (in other words - NOT often!) unless we made a change.

We needed to build rails all the way around the deck. You see, if we are OUTside, and our Girls (the dogs) are INside, they sit at the patio door and whine.

If we let them out... they race all around the yard like maniacs and I have to stand in the yard to be sure no one gets hurt. So I am STILL not enjoying the deck!

But... if we let them out onto the deck with us, and keep them there, they will be happy because they are out with us and I won't have to worry about any "whippet NASCAR" accidents :) At least... that's what I'm HOPING for!

I'm REALLY looking forward to this! I can't wait to bring my bearmaking outside on those beautiful days! (we have wireless internet too, so hubby can bring his laptop outside)

We've gotten LOTS done. We should be able to get the gondola up this Saturday!! Here's what progress we've made so far. I'm pretty sure I'd like Bob to enclose the bottom of the deck to keep the furry critters out... but I know that will be a pain in the neck!

Deck Progress May 5, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One of my Other "Hobbies"... Saving Money

Yes, I know.. I have a lot of hobbies ;)

I'm not sure this one actually qualifies as a hobby, but I have a blast saving money and finding coupons I can use.

I've started a blog just for all the money saving tips I have - or have been given to me - as well as coupons and great deals.

If you are interested - it's http://savewithlaura.blogspot.com/

So far I've posted some ideas on how to save money when you dine out, taking care of your pets, Yankee Candles and more.