Teddies by Laura Lynn

One of a Kind and Small Limited Edition Collectible Artist Teddy Bears Designed + Created by Teddy Bear Artist Laura Lynn Matthews

Friday, May 15, 2015

More New Bears!

I don't think I mentioned that I will be working on 3 special memory bears for a special collector from a lovely fur stole that she had sent to me.  I took a photo of it before I disassembled it.  Isn't it beautiful?

Before I got real involved in that project, I just finished up a few bears:  Theodore, a 12" mohair bear, Calvin, a 6" old fashioned style bear and I gave Dandy a little cosmetic surgery ;)  These 3 guys are on the Available Page.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

4 New Patchwork Pocket Bears!


I'm sure you thought I was hibernating or something.  But I wasn't - honestly! ;)  I should have been posting some "in progress" photos, but I was just really on a roll and working on bears.  I'm hoping to try to post more "in progress" stuff and studio stuff soon.

But for now, I'd like to introduce you to the 4 little ones who were keeping me so busy!  I had a lot of fun creating these little guys and I hope you enjoy meeting them.  If you are interested in adopting one - they are on my Available Page.