Teddies by Laura Lynn

One of a Kind and Small Limited Edition Collectible Artist Teddy Bears Designed + Created by Teddy Bear Artist Laura Lynn Matthews

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sneak Peek! Petal - Mini Mohair Butterfly Bear

Petal is my latest mini butterfly bear! You can read more about her on her page here.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Major Studio Overhaul!

I had a lovely weekend in New Hampshire with my awesome friend, Daphne Blau. We had a great time and loved that we were able to "play" all weekend.... this time our visit was not at the same time as a teddy bear show! I'll have a few photos later....

Sometimes the bears just aren't getting made -- it's kind of like writer's block for teddy bear artists. I think it's been going around the teddy bear world lately after hearing from many of my artist friends.
This time, I decided I HAD to move my studio!!!!

My studio had been in a 3rd bedroom that I shared with our combined office and our Girls' crates. It could feel kind of cramped sometimes.

Although it does have 2 windows, it really does not get morning light and it can be hard to make myself "go to work" in a dark room (yes, I have lights... but I crave daylight!)

Also, having 5 dogs can be a little crazy sometimes. They are usually fairly mellow, but sometimes they go thru times when they need to pester Mom for one thing or another... one right after the other! Since their crates are IN my studio, I can't just put them to bed for a bit and close the door LOL! Pandora tends to be destructive if she's locked into a room without a person, so she must go into a crate (which she loves by the way :) (Yes, I do see the irony of her personality and her name LOL!!)

Before I left for New Hampshire, I brought up the idea of my moving my studio into the living room (front room, parlor) with DH. We really only used the living room as a place to display my bears and store a book case full of books.

Since my always helpful daughter was home on Wednesday, we just set ourselves to the task of swapping out and moving furniture! Today I was happy to have almost everything in place -- and took photos. I always love seeing where people create!

This first photo is coming from the open kitchen/eat in kitchen to the front door. (We don't use the front door because of the dogs) The next photo is what you would see if you looked to the right, then the left, and then walked into the front room... aka my studio. Please don't mind the tons and tons of nose prints on the window... or the rest of the dirt! That is a project for another day. And yes, I know I need a valance for the top of those vertical blinds... now that I'm actually using this room, I will actually get around to that soon :) Feel free to click on the photos if you'd like to see larger versions of them.