Teddies by Laura Lynn

One of a Kind and Small Limited Edition Collectible Artist Teddy Bears Designed + Created by Teddy Bear Artist Laura Lynn Matthews

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Well it's certainly been a while since we've chatted!  I totally forgot to post about Lil Liberty the patriotic mini bear.  He was adopted right away from the sneak preview I had sent out to my mailing list.

After creating that little guy, I had been quite busy working on my other website:  TeddyBearAcademy.net

I am teaching others how to make teddy bears there and you are welcome to join if you want to try your hand at bear making.

Ling Ling was a 6 1/2" panda that was also adopted from a Sneak Preview email

But I DO have a little bear that is AVAILABLE today.
Please meet Buttercup - a OOAK 6 1/2" Bear
You can see him on his page here.

Thanks for stopping by to visit the cubs and I!