Teddies by Laura Lynn

One of a Kind and Small Limited Edition Collectible Artist Teddy Bears Designed + Created by Teddy Bear Artist Laura Lynn Matthews

Monday, April 30, 2007

SNEAK Preview - Patches VII on eBay.... ADOPTED

Introducing Patches VII!!

Patches VII is a Pocket Bear - and is also the 7th in my series of Patchwork bears. He is not on my website yet... (will be soon!) but IS currently available on eBay here. His auction ends Wednesday evening, May 2 at 6PM "eBay time" (Pacific time)


May not be online as much...

Our poor Girl Isis... the whippet on the top :) had an accident Saturday.
She was running in the yard and fell during a turn. She appears to have injured a disc in her spine.. and she can't feel her hind legs - and so can't walk. :(
She had cortisone shots and is on steroids for a week to help the swelling go down.
It takes me a lot longer to take care of the Girls now.... (which I don't mind at ALL!!) So if I don't respond to your emails right away, don't worry! I'll answer as soon as possible!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Regarding the Pet Food Recall.....

I know this isn't teddy bear related, but I know many of us have 4 legged furry loved ones. If one of your 4 legged "kids" has been affected by the tainted dog or cat food... I am SO sorry!
My Girls have not been affected.... we have fed Eukanuba dry for the last 7 years. However, because of the fact that some of their product had been affected, and that some of their ingredients are imported from China - I decided to find a new dog food.

I found 2 companies who I am much more comfortable using for my Girls.

These 2 companies produce HIGH PREMIUM dog and cat foods with human-grade ingredients. NEITHER company uses wheat gluten or rice gluten in their formulas. Canidae uses only US ingredients!

I would have probably posted this in my personal blog - but this one gets read more :) and I want to be sure to let as many people know as possible!


Laura Lynn

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Teddy Bear Photo Studio!

I thought I'd share my "photo studio" with you today! I use this for all of my "Studio shots" of my bears... and my husband uses it for the studio photographs of the model cranes and trucks he repaints! This can be used for photographing any small objects! I do not recommend using it as a studio for people or pets though... it's not quite sturdy enough for that!

This "Studio" was designed for use with a digital camera. Why? Because the lighting used is not "daylight balanced" and would show up as very yellow/orange in the finished photo of a regular film camera.

Most digital cameras have a "white balance" feature. It is different on each camera. Look in your camera's manual for "white balance" and it will show you how to do it.

Here is the list of what I used to make the "Studio".

  • 1) The pvc frame from a 3-basket Laundry Sorter - (it's lightweight!)
  • 2) At least 3 clamp on work lights with reflectors
  • 3) 200 watt bulbs
  • 4) 6 outlet power strip with switch
  • 5) Wire ties
  • 6) Electrical tape & sandpaper
  • 7) A big foam board from the office supply store (to use as a background holder)
  • 8) Assorted colors of plain colored fleece fabric (it doesn't wrinkle!) I use black, white and royal blue
  • 9) A box top and a box to lie across the top of the bottom of the pvc frame, to give a nice "bottom" to the studio. I'll have to take a picture of this next week next time I have the studio up again!

I took the baskets off the laundry sorter, and clamped the lights onto the frame. I did put some sandpaper on the frame where the lights clamped to make it easier for them to hold. The lights are also held in place with some plastic wire ties, and electrical tape helps to hold the reflectors on because these were giving me trouble. (not all do!)

I also wire tied the electrical power strip to the pvc frame. I wanted to be able to turn all of the lights on and off with one switch. I do NOT leave these lights on for very long as it can be a fire hazard using 200 watt bulbs in these!!!!

I put a boxtop down in between the pvc frame and the box that helps to hold the big foam board. (I really need to take a picture of this, sorry!) I then lay a flattened box or cardboard across the bottom of the pvc frame - so the "floor" of the studio is nice, flat and even.

I then drape one of my fleece backgrounds over the propped up foam board and across the "floor"

Now I am ready for the studio session!

I always use a tripod for these studio photography sessions. I tried both with and without... and using the tripod make a huge difference in the sharpness of my pictures!

I mount my camera on the tripod, turn on the lights, set the "white balance" on the camera, and pose the bear!

After each bear's "Studio session", I turn off the lights with the switch on the power strip for a minute or so. (it gets VERY hot!) Be VERY careful about this! The reflector fixtures for these lamps are only supposed to hold 60 watt bulbs. I am using 200 watt bulbs!!! If they are on for too long... they WILL cause a fire! I can't stress the importance of the safety enough :)

So... why ARE you using 200 watt bulbs if you can't leave them on for more than a few minutes? To get good photographs... you need a LOT of light! I didn't want to have 9 reflector lights clamped on the frame :)

Here are a few more shots of the "Studio" at different angles....

I hope this helps... I'll try to remember to take a picture of the "floor" of the studio before it is covered up next time I set it up! If you have any questions, be sure to ask!


Laura Lynn


Monday, April 23, 2007

Wee Pocket Bear on eBay....

I'd like to introduce you to Petit Cabernet!

He's a small "Pocket Bear" (6" bears with no pawpads and cotterpin jointed) and currently available on Ebay!


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sneak Preview of Smucker! ADOPTED

Smucker is the newest bear born here in the studio.

He will be officially added to the website by Monday at the latest - as I still need to take his "studio portraits".

Although he has not yet had his "official" portrait taken, he is available for adoption - just drop me an email and put Smucker's name in the subject of the email (to be sure I get the email!)

Smucker is 10" tall and created from 2 colors and types of German mohair: White feathered mohair and yummy purple batik kid mohair. He can stand by himself! His adoption fee will be $110 plus travel charges.


Before and After.....

I finally finished that 2-tone purple and white bear last Sunday, but did not get a chance to take any pictures. I still haven't had time to set up my photo studio... but wanted to show you the before and after pictures so I took a quick shot. Here are the before and after photos...

Received my 1st Aid Swap!

I received my First Aid Kit from my swap partner Sarah and it is awesome! She thought of so many things to include I was amazed! I'll be keeping this in my car for emergencies... it is so pretty!

More photos can be found here.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Well, my bear still can't hear.... but hopefully Sunday. I'll be attending the ABC Teddy Bear Show in Schaumburg, IL on Saturday... so no bear making then!

My swap partner in the First Aid Swap will be happy to know, however.... that her package is on its way!

No... I forgot to take a photo..... but.... this swap gave me a great idea for something new to create and put in my Etsy shop!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Almost done.....

I've almost finished that bear.... the one whose face I previewed below. His face (yes, I think it IS a "he") is almost done, but not quite. I like to create the bears entire face... except the ears before I attach it to his body. The ears are what I do as the very last step. They aren't secured yet... so I thought I'd show you what his body looks like.

This is the last of that yummy soft purple batik mohair that I have... I may be able to find some at the bear show I'm attending this weekend... but I got this a few years ago!

Hopefully I will be able to complete this sweet bear... and also photograph him. The photo sessions always take a bit of time. (This is just a snapshot!)

Before I finish this bear, however ... I have some housework to do ~ not fun... but needs to be done. I used to do the housework on the weekends.... but then I was never able to spend time with my family!

Oh yes, I mentioned a bear show this weekend! I'll be attending the ABC Festival of Fiber Arts - which is an artist teddy bear/doll show - located in Schaumburg IL, (a Chicago suburb) .
These shows are held twice a year here... once in April and again at the end of October. I've exhibited as an artist twice in the past during the October shows... but never seem to have enough bears available to exhibit at the April show. I do have lots of fun going as a collector though!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bear Face in Progress.....

I thought I'd show you a "before" photo of a bear I'm currently working on. I'm not sure yet if this will be a boy or girl... but for now I'll call it a boy :)

His head has already been stuffed and closed... and his nose has been hand embroidered. I didn't think of posting a photo until after his nose was done... and I didn't want to rip out the stitches and start over!

His eyes are not his real eyes... they are test eyes that I use. I have them in several sizes so I can determine which size would look best ~ and also so I can determine the best placement.

He will be a 2-tone bear.... white face and body with the most lucious purple batik kid mohair for the arms, legs and ears. I can't wait to show him (or her!) to you when he's finished!

Joined a First Aid Swap!

I was reading Missy's Crafty Carnival blog and saw that she was hosting a swap.... a "First Aid Swap". It would be a little handmade pouch filled with all the stuff you would wanna throw in your purse!
It sounded like a lot of fun.... without taking TOO much time... so I joined!
I've been partnered up with Sarah a girl who loves crafting from California! My gosh, as I was reading Sarah's blog I got TIRED! She sews clothing, quilts, and TONS of crafts!!!! I hope she likes what I make for her!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

New Spring Bunny on eBay....

Happy Easter everyone!

Although I'm a bit late in getting her ready for Easter.... I'd love to introduce April to you! This is the first time I've used this color of mohair and I just love it!
April is currently on eBay here.
As usual... I'm trying to do too many different things :) I do hope, however, to keep focused on creating my bears and bunnies! I have found some music that is helping with that :)
I'm trying to keep my website updating and emails to once a week.... this way I won't be constantly sending emails :)


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I almost forgot!!!! This sweet little bear... named Freckles... was finally ready for eBay! I just LOVE tipped mohair and really enjoyed creating this little guy!

I WAS saving him for the show I'm attending in Maine - but.... he looked up at me with those big round eyes and asked if I'd find him his "forever home" now... he just couldn't wait!

Now how could I say "no"????

So I've put him up on ebay here - but I have not sent an email to my mailing list friends yet because those bunnies will be done very soon.... and I don't want to send out 2 emails so close together....


My Bearmaking Habits

I find it interesting to hear about the habits of my bear artist friends..... so you make one bear at a time... or work on several at once?

As for myself....I often work on several at once.


I work on my bears at all hours of the day ... even 3 in the morning if I can't sleep ;) There are some parts of creating a new furry friend that I really need to be fresh.... particularly working on the face.

This is why it is hard for me to work on just one bear at a time until he or she has been born.... I like to have work ready to work on for when I just don't feel quite up to creating that new sweet face. Faces ARE my favorite part of bearmaking! But I've found they just do not turn out right if I am not in the right frame of mind.....

As you can see here.... I have a few bunnies and bears waiting to be born. 2 bunnies will HOPEFULLY be born soon! I have a few bears in there too.... waiting patiently as they will be going with me to Maine for a show in August...