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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Almost done.....

I've almost finished that bear.... the one whose face I previewed below. His face (yes, I think it IS a "he") is almost done, but not quite. I like to create the bears entire face... except the ears before I attach it to his body. The ears are what I do as the very last step. They aren't secured yet... so I thought I'd show you what his body looks like.

This is the last of that yummy soft purple batik mohair that I have... I may be able to find some at the bear show I'm attending this weekend... but I got this a few years ago!

Hopefully I will be able to complete this sweet bear... and also photograph him. The photo sessions always take a bit of time. (This is just a snapshot!)

Before I finish this bear, however ... I have some housework to do ~ not fun... but needs to be done. I used to do the housework on the weekends.... but then I was never able to spend time with my family!

Oh yes, I mentioned a bear show this weekend! I'll be attending the ABC Festival of Fiber Arts - which is an artist teddy bear/doll show - located in Schaumburg IL, (a Chicago suburb) .
These shows are held twice a year here... once in April and again at the end of October. I've exhibited as an artist twice in the past during the October shows... but never seem to have enough bears available to exhibit at the April show. I do have lots of fun going as a collector though!


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