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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last Day of January... man it's been cold!

Today is the last day of January... here's to hoping February warms up! It's been REALLY cold... often 10 below zero F (that's 23 below zero Celsius!)

Yes, I'm still working on special order bears, but hope to have one on the website soon too! It's been SO cold that I had to take a break and make a new coat for my Girls. My whippet Girls ;) The coat I had made for them several years ago is starting to wear... and it was never really warm enough for weather THIS cold. Now they have a really warm one!

I won't be posting photos though... I had designed a new pattern and it desperately needs changes done to it to be seen in public LOL! It does keep them warm though and that's the important part. Hubby asked if I'd be making 4 -- but no, I only made one. When it's this cold I only take them out one at a time anyways so their paws don't freeze. Besides... I have bears that need making!


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