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Monday, January 14, 2008

Whoohoo It's Monday!

:) I mean that, really - I love Mondays. A fresh new week ahead of me with so many possibilities. (call me sick LOL!)

How was your weekend? I got some stuff done... like housework and laundry. Never did get around to the grocery store. I supposed I should do that today - DARN! Normally I like to do that on the weekends so I can concentrate on BEARS during the week. It's just been so dull, cloudy and dreary though... that I could not motivate myself to get ALL my chores done - so grocery shopping got neglected...

I didn't get much done on bear making this weekend... and boy did it show by Sunday afternoon. I was the biggest GROUCH! Even hubby mentioned something when he came in from his workshop at dinner time.

Later in the evening though, I was finally able to sit down and work on a bear. After 15 minutes he came into the room and mentioned how much better I was (grouch wise). I told him... it's because I'm finally working on a bear! It's really my favorite thing to do. I don't usually get that bad - but I do get a little out of sorts if I don't work on a bear for a couple of days.

And unfortunately bear making is not the top priority today. My fault for not getting my chores done promptly this past weekend! We do need some food in the house -- but I also need to finish up my sales tax form for the year of 2007. Then.. in the next 2 weeks... the bookkeeping for 2007. Why oh why do I wait and do it all at once time?? We'll see how I do about that in 2008 ;)


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