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Friday, September 14, 2007

Teddy Bear Jubilee in Kansas City!

I'm FINALLY starting to get back to "normal" here (whatever that means LOL!) and finally have my show photos resized from the Teddy Bear Jubilee.

Tere were more tables than I have pictured here. I just couldn't get to them all! I was still working on bears during the show LOL!!

I had a wonderful time! There were so many awesome artists at this show - it was mouthwatering :) After the show bunches of artists and collectors went out to dinner in groups... and many of us got together afterwards to chat in the hotel lobby.

Someone took some pictures with a disposable camera (some a little incriminating LOL!) I'll have to try to remember who that was so I can get copies!!

Then later, there was a birthday party for Marji Bebiak (Hucklebeary Junction) It was her birthday on that actual day. She made the souvenier "bear" (it was the most adorable elephant holding a teddy bear) She's been out of bear shows for a little while... but is hoping to get back to it in 2008! Good Bears of the World did a LOT of publicity for this show... advertising for 3 months in the teddy magazines, many newspaper ads, publicity on television. One of the TV spots was Good Bears of the World gifted some teddy bears to Rudy Niswanger of the Kansas City Chiefs at Operation Breakthrough. One of their local TV stations, Channel 5 (CBS affiliate) covered the gifting, and ran the story on the 10 o’clock news Tuesday evening. I'm looking forward to next year. The tentative date set is Sept.12 & 13 2008. Here's their website: http://www.goodbearsoftheworld.org/teddyjubilee.htm

And now... the show photos!!!




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