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Sunday, September 2, 2007

A little tired this morning... Isis gave us a scare last night...

As some of you know... one of our Whippet Girls - Isis has congestive heart failure at only 7 years old. We are savoring every minute we have with her as we're not sure how long that is. In late April we were told 4-6 weeks. Here we are in September and she's still with us!

Our sweet Girl appears to be OK now... but last night she had a few coughing fits and then very rapid shallow breathing... both bad signs of heart problems.

We called our vet at 4:30 in the morning- they are a 24 hour vet.... and they gave us some advice for the rest of the evening. She did get a bit better - no more coughing and the breathing much better - but they had us come in to see if her medications needed to be adjusted.

I am happy to say that although her heart sounds very bad (which is not new) her lungs and still clear!!!!!! Her pulse is good too :) They have us a newly approved heart drug (which has been in use in Canada & Europe for years) that they think will help her even more.

So today... we had planned on going to the Renaissance Faire - but I am more than happy to stay home with Isis and the other Girls to keep an eye on her - and Bob took our two adorable neighbor twin boys to the Faire.


  • At September 02, 2007 , Blogger Vee said...

    so glad she seems alright today Laura. Hopefully she has a long time yet to enjoy life at your house....

  • At September 04, 2007 , Blogger Laura Lynn said...

    Thank you so much Vee! You know it was actually a "good" thing she had that episode. Because of that, we took her in. They put he on those new meds and she's almost like a new whippet on them!

  • At September 06, 2007 , Blogger Nancy said...

    I try to treasure the time spent with my "girls". That's the only bad thing-their life spans are shorter than ours and time seems to go by so fast. It is all the more special when you know their time may be even shorter. Every moment is a gift.
    Glad the new meds are working!


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