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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Just Received my First Payment for Online Surveys!

Earlier I mentioned that I was trying out a few online survey companies that claimed to pay you for your opinion. I wanted to wait to see if I got paid before mentioning more... and today I got my first $50 payment! So NOW I want to share it with you :) I wanted to be sure it was "for real" first :)

Here's a little more information about these surveys...

First, membership with the survey company is free.

The easiest way to get paid is thru Paypal - although I believe they now offer payment via paper check now also. They pay twice a month once your account reaches $50 or more and you have requested payment. It takes a few business days for the $ to show up in your account.

The Surveys: There are some surveys that cost nothing to participate in. But yes, in many cases it does cost you some money for the sample product. On your "My Surveys" page - under each survey they are very specific about how much you have to pay, and how much total you will receive once you complete the survey.

**Important Note!!!! Some surveys will charge you a small trial fee initially, then if you do not call to cancel +/or return the product, they will charge the "full amount" after a specified number of days.

Be sure to read all fine print, print out all confirmations... and if you do not care to keep the service, REMEMBER to CANCEL the service in time!

Now... all that said... I am very excited about taking more surveys now!
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