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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Truffles - formerly known as Ringo - on Ebay!

I decided to list the prototype bear for my Ringo pattern on eBay. This teddy told me his name was all wrong and demanded a chocolately sounding name! And so, we have Truffle!

Truffle is listed on eBay for a 1 day auction only - starting at $75 and with a Buy it Now of $90.

If you would like to find Truffle's auction listing, you can find him on my Bears for Adoption Page.

Today I am getting ready to go play with my Mom this weekend :) Yep, I'm leaving the hubby and kid (a 20 year old kid anyways) at home with 4 of our dogs so I can play :)

Boy it takes a lot to get ready though! Need to get to the grocery store not only for munchies for the road, but also to pick up a few things for hubby to prepare for HIS mom this Mother's Day!

Right now I'm about to start cooking... dog food - packaging it all up individually to make it easy, Sorting out all the meds to make it simple for them to administer to the Girls... etc. I'll be glad to hit the road tomorrow!

Happy Mother's Day in advance to all you Mom's out there!



  • At May 07, 2009 , Anonymous hafizah said...

    That is one nice teddy bear, and a perfect way to celebrate this mother's day. Mother and daughter day out. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers too.

  • At May 12, 2009 , Blogger Bev said...

    hope you had a great weekend with your mom!

  • At May 14, 2009 , Blogger lapousmor said...

    Beautiful bear!
    He looks so cuddly!

  • At May 14, 2009 , Blogger Laura Lynn said...

    Thanks so much! Yes, I had a great weekend with Mom Bev, thanks! Taking a bit longer to get back into my normal routine though - sigh...


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