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Friday, September 12, 2008

Train Derailment!

Yesterday afternoon I was working in my studio when I heard a big BANG! I should have gone out there to see what happened. Turns out a freight train on the tracks next to our house had derailed.

I heard about it this morning. Someone in the neighborhood said about 20 boxcars derailed. The RR workers worked all night long getting the cars back on the track(I DID hear lots of construction equipment last night around 10pm when I took our Girls out one last time)

When I heard about it this morning, I went out down the tracks with my trusty Nikon D70. They are still working on the repairs.

The RR workers wouldn't tell me anything... so I called our local newspaper to alert them of the story. (evil grin) Sorry, but I want to know ... "HOW did it happen????"

Of course, that means I am late getting my bear making started ... yet again today...

Thank goodness I don't think anyone was hurt! There is no crossing near us.


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