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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Farewell Bristol... till Next Year....

This past weekend was the final 3 day Huzzah! of the Bristol Renaissance Faire for the season. I am both sad and glad that the season has ended.

I am sad because we have met so many great people there... and have done TONS of great shopping!

I am glad because it took a great deal of time out of my week. Yes, it is only on the weekends... but we went EVERY weekend with the exception of one.

This meant all my chores had to be done during the week... which left me with 3 days at MOST to do my work - making bears, doing the business part of bears etc...

I do have a show coming up in a little over a month... and only 3 bears ready! I will still get bears up on the site, but it will still take a bit of time.

Stay tuned also for a scrapbook of photos of our fun at the Bristol Renaissance Faire! By the way... there are MANY more of these across the country at different times of year if you are interested :) You can find a directory of many of them at http://www.renfaire.com/Sites/



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