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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Finally Bit the Bullet!

We finally bit the bullet and ordered our new PowerBOSS generator. We had a lovely Honda generator for power outages, but it was sized for our old house. Our previous home was not only a little smaller, but the main difference is that it had city water.

Our current home is out in the country just a bit, but far enough in that we have our own well. Our poor little Honda (which has served us VERY well) just doesn't have enough power to get that well started. So when we loose electricity, we also loose running water.

In the last 2 1/2 years it hasn't been too much of an issue, as power outages only lasted a few hours (and yes, we've had quite a few!)

But you may have heard about the storms in Chicago on Monday? Yes, we were right smack dab in the middle of all that. IN fact, I was "held hostage" in Walmart as I was getting a Rx filled. Tornadoes were spotted in the area and they rushed all of us to the center of the store for 30 minutes until the worst of the storm had passed.

I had called my hubby to let him know... and to tell him to seek shelter in our center bathroom (with our 2 guests and 5 dogs!!) as we don't have a basement.

When I came home the power was out and we were told to not expect it to be repaired for several days.

Fortunately, we were back online after only 20 hours. But we have decided to just bite that bullet and buy that larger generator.

Anyone in the Chicago area looking for a small generator??? :)


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