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Friday, August 22, 2008

Artist Bear Show in Kohler, WI - October 2008

I am excited to be exhibiting at the Kohler, WI doll and teddy bear show this coming October and have already started on bears for the show.

You may laugh, but one of the things I agonize over when doing a show has been my display. I was looking back over my show table photos from the past several years, and although I feel the display has been getting better, I've still not been happy with it.

I've been wanting a table display to be attractive, but showcase my bears. I also want it easy to transport to the show! This October, I will be driving with fellow artist Daphne Blau to the Kohler show. That means we need to fit TWO artists' bears and display items in one car.

Actually, that is easier then when I fly to a show, but the same principles apply :)

I have finally "bitten the bullet" and purchased a set of wonderful clear acrylic displays such as this one.


The ones I purchased are larger of course, as the bears I am bringing to the show are larger than a baseball card :) And they are rectangular instead of oval - for more surface area for the bears. I can't wait till Kohler now! :)



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