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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Girls.....

I think I've mentioned it before.... we have 5 wonderful dogs :) And yes, I work full time from home on the bears. Besides the fact that I am easily distracted... (HA! an understatement!) having 5 dogs can sometimes make it hard to concentrate on getting work done.

Yesterday afternoon was one of those times that it was hard. I had been out running errands and when I came back I let all of the Girls outside in the back yard.

Evidently Pandora bumped into Cleopatra as they ran out the door. They are both whippets... Pandora is around 5 - Cleopatra is our oldest at 10 (and boss dog). Cleo hates to be bumped into and let Pandora know it. Well, Pandora was tired of taking "crap" from Cleopatra.... and so... 5 minutes later a trip to the vet was necessary :(.

Pandora did not get a scratch on her - but Cleo needed attention. Cleo is ok and wasn't even crying - and Cleopatra is a wimp when it comes to pain. But I saw 3 deep punctures on the back of her neck, a cut on her face and back. So off to the vet we go to get them cleaned up and get some antibiotics...sigh....

All is well now. Cleo takes pills once a day and I have to put a warm compress on the back of her neck with some medicine 3 times a day. I get a little woozy when I do that. I can't wait till those close up! (there's a good reason I did not become a veterinarian!)

Cleo did not need stitches, although one could have been closed with one stitch. But the doc wanted to keep them open so that if an infection did start, it would be able to drain easily (eeewww!!!) I thought I'd spare you and not post of photo LOL!! It looks much worse now than when it happened since they shaved around the wounds.

Right now Pandora, Athena (our other whippet) and puppy Stella are sleeping quietly in their crates so I can try to get some work done. Cleopatra is no bother, so she gets to stay out with me. Sequoya our Chihuahua is sleeping soundly inside my sweat jacket (aka the joey pouch). She's much quieter in there than if I put her in her crate!

Now I'm off across the street to take care of Lucy - our neighbor's Scottish terrier - then back to cutting out bears for the show!



  • At March 31, 2010 , Blogger Nancy D said...

    Yes, having a pack of dogs can create some excitement and squabbling amongst themselves(kinda like kids) At least with kids you don't usually have to worry about bite wounds.
    Having worked for a vet, I know personally how painful bite wounds are...hoping Cleo heals up fast.

  • At March 31, 2010 , Blogger lapousmor said...

    Hi Laura-Lynn!

    Oh dear! It looks like you never get bored with all these dogs to look after and your teddy bear making.
    I hope Cleo heals fast.

    Big hugs,

  • At April 01, 2010 , Blogger jenann said...

    Hope she's better soon!

    Our two collies are bored beyond belief - with our fields full of lambs and less careful farmers letting their sheep wander along the lanes with lambs in tow, I don't want to let our pup loose until he's more fully trained. He's like a coiled spring with so much energy, but it's cold, muddy and sleet is falling, so I can't take them on the three hour ramble they need.
    Thank goodness the bears are happy to sit and watch the snow through the window!


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