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Thursday, January 7, 2010

So Much Has Gone On!!!

Oh my goodness, I had no idea how long it has been since I've posted anything!! I think I'll write backwards in time... ;)

Yesterday I finished that mint chocolate chip panda bear. He's 14" tall and I've named him Pistachio. He's currently available for adoption on my website: www.TeddiesbyLauraLynn.com

If you subscribe to Teddy Bear Review, you may see a familiar bear on the cover. Sweetheart was created last year as a pattern that I was going to have available for sale. TBR emailed to ask if I had any patterns they could include in their February issue, so I sent them Sweetheart. They later decided to use her for their cover as well!

As some of you know, we lost our whippet Isis last summer to heart disease. We knew it was coming for a couple of years, but it was hard none the less. We still had 4 dogs, so you'd think that would be enough. But her loss left such a big hole in our hearts.... that Christmas week we got a new puppy!


Nope, this does not look like either a Whippet or Chihuahua puppy... she's a Basset Hound! Hubby grew up with a Basset, and circumstances brought us to a wonderful local breeder. Her name is Stella and she's such a cutie (slightly biased opinion here!) Needless to say, she is taking up a bit of my time, but we are working out a work/play schedule ;)

Here's a video of her playing with our Chihuahua Sequoya

Teddy Bear Shows!! I still need to update my website, but I will be exhibiting at 2 shows this year. I'll be in New Hampshire in April and Chicago in October.

New England Teddy Bear Gathering - April 17 & 18th (Workshops Sat, Show Sun.) www.TeddyBearGathering.com
I will also be teaching a bear making workshop at this event. I'll post a photo of the sample bear as soon as he's done!

Chicagoland Teddy Bear Show - October 22 & 23 - Schaumburg, IL (Workshops & Dessert Reception on Fri, Show on Sat) www.ChicagolandTeddyBearShow.com

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  • At January 18, 2010 , Anonymous Emma said...

    I love your bears! They've got the most adorable little faces.
    I'm just getting into teddy bear artistry myself, of the miniature variety and I must say your teddy bears are delightfully inspiring.
    Your basset hound is lovely, I'm more of a poodle girl myself though I'm not fortunate enough to own one.

  • At January 18, 2010 , Blogger Laura Lynn said...

    Thank you Emma! Teddy bears can be SO addicting! Although I have fun making these "big" bears, I do love creating my mini bears.

    Thank you about our puppy! We also have 3 whippets and my baby...a 3 year old Chihuahua ;) Poodles are lovely.. .and the size range... Wow!


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