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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer's Gone - now Back to Work!

Myself, Hubby and Katie - a good "Faire Friend"!

I am dreadfully behind on emails and I am so sorry! I'm hoping to catch up on everything this week.

Hubby and I spend many weekends of the summer at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin. We can't go on vacation with so many dogs (it would cost us more per night for them than for us LOL!) and the Faire is within easy driving distance for us - so that is our "vacation" during the summer.

We have a wonderful time and dress up too (as you can see), see shows, and SHOP! We go so often that we've made some very nice friends! Some friends we are able to see even during the "off season", and others we only get to see during Faire - but it's always fun when the season comes around and we get to see everyone again!

The only problem is that the weekends are when I get my house chores done... that means I have to do them during the week instead - which means less time for my bears. (hubby's been home a lot too this summer!)

Last weekend was closing weekend for the Bristol Ren. Faire. Now I'm trying to get everything in order - kind of like how it's like when you come home from vacation! I really enjoyed the Faire, but I'm ready to "come back" from vacation and get back to work! There's a bear show to work on too ;)



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