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Friday, December 19, 2008

A Blog Facelift!

No, you are not "seeing things", my blog DOES look a lot different! While I was blog hopping I saw some blogs that looked real pretty, and had that blue box in the upper left hand corner for The Cutest Blog on the Block.com.

Although I do like to play around with HTML code on my own, I realize I really don't have time for that... but I DO get bored with the same thing all the time - so this was an awesome idea! I almost can't wait till after Christmas so I can change it again, so it's so quick and easy to do ;)

On another note... boy am I glad for Cold Ezze! Those are those zinc drops that look like cough drops. I felt a bad cold coming on Tuesday evening. The symptoms were just starting to appear. So I started taking those drops right away (I keep them on hand). I hardly felt bad at all and my cold is already gone. The directions say you need to start taking them as SOON as you start to feel symptoms, so I did!

Hopefully I'll be posting about a couple of new Pocket Bears later... but there is SO much on my "to do list"......


  • At December 22, 2008 , Blogger Mutz said...

    Hi Laura,
    Love your Christmassy blog. I have been using Cutestblogontheblock too. Sooo easy (Even I can do it). I have been changing around like mad.
    I have had the "Office Cold" all week last week. I have used the same kind of zinc stuff & have been using that for a couple years. Doesn't prevent the cold but the cold is usually milder & doesn't last as long. Hope you are feeling better!

  • At December 22, 2008 , Blogger Laura Lynn said...

    LOL! Your blog was one I saw this on! Oh Amy, so sorry you are sick! I'm all better, but I'm able to sleep when I absolutely have to. HUGE hugz!


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