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Monday, December 15, 2008

Kids growing up.... a late night

I have a daughter... just one, from my first marriage. She's a great kid.

All thru high school, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop (parenting a head strong teenager) and it never happened. I thought we had dodged a bullet... LOL!!!

Now I realize it was just delayed - heck, she was born late, why shouldn't everything else be late (ha ha!) She's in her 3rd year of college now and lives on campus. Just hates it when she has to come home for break cause she no longer can do what she pleases. Last night everything came to a head. She's still a great kid, but these last few years I've realized this parenting stuff is a LOT harder than I thought!

I just wanted to send a HUGE hug out to all you parents out there!!! And yes, my parents will probably laugh hysterically when I tell them ;)


  • At December 15, 2008 , Blogger Bev said...

    by the time they hit the 3rd year of college, it's time to let go -- my daughter moved out of the house that year, and except for short visits, has not returned -- now she has a husband, 2 dogs and a house of her own -- I get to go visit her!

    don't sweat the small stuff -- unless she's into drugs or other destructive behavior, you've done you're job well

    remember our job as parents is to give them roots AND wings

  • At December 16, 2008 , Blogger Tammy said...

    Laura ,I so needed to read this today. I have been struggling lately with my 15 yr. old (whom I love immensely), but man he is making me crazy !!!!!

    It is just nice to know I am not alone . Parenting teenagers is a real challenge some days. Sending you HUGE hugs,

  • At December 16, 2008 , Blogger Laura Lynn said...

    Bev thanks so much, but this situation DID have to be addressed! And 3rd year of college when parents are paying is hugely different than if they are paying for it themselves...

  • At December 16, 2008 , Blogger Laura Lynn said...

    Thanks so much Tammy! Yes, it really is nice to know we are not alone ;) Huge hugs to you too!

  • At December 16, 2008 , Anonymous Karen in NM said...

    I hear ya completely! :-) Eric is in his 5th year, and might be going a 6th! Thankfully he's in his own apmt (of course we're paying for that!) It makes it easier for him to come and go and we don't know that he stays out late... It's all part of the growing up process and the "testing the wings" phase.
    Karen in wintery NM

  • At December 16, 2008 , Blogger All Bear said...

    Mine are probably a bit older, believe me, it all comes good in the end!


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