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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sorry for the Long Absence!

My gosh it's been a while... again! A lot has been going on, one of which was that I accidentally downloaded a virus to my computer... uuuuuggghhhh!!

I'm usually pretty good at knowing how to avoid those types of emails. But I was talking on the phone while checking emails at the same time. (note to self... NEVER again LOL!)

I saw an email that was supposedly from UPS. Here's what the subject line was:

United Postal Service

Your Tracking # 339516783975

It obviously was NOT from UPS, but it wasn't so obvious when I wasn't paying attention.... It said a package I had sent was not deliverable and I needed to go to UPS to pick it up - see the email attachment.

So I downloaded and opened the attachment... and my computer restarted. BAD SIGN! Yep, I got a virus and eventually I could not access the internet.

Fortunately hubby has a friend who is an IT guy at his work. He very graciously came over after work to have a look at my machine. At 11pm he got me online. I'm ever SO grateful!!! Later this week he's hoping to be able to come back to finish up as the hard drive needs more work so I can add my programs... like Photoshop, Adobe Reader, Word, Excel, etc....


  • At November 06, 2008 , Anonymous Karen in NM said...

    I'm so sorry to hear you were 'down'. Those viruses are so nasty. Glad you're back up and running again! Early Happy Thanksgiving to you!!


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