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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A New Website!!

I'm very excited to announce a new website for those interested in bearmaking:

http://www.freeteddybearpatterns.net/ . I will be designing new original teddy bear patterns available for FREE downloading. Best of all... you CAN sell the bears you make from these patterns!
I will be providing Tips.... little things and tricks that I've learned to make my own bearmaking easier - my my FreeTeddyBearPatterns blog. I've also started on a page for beginning bear makers. I hope you will share photos of bears that you may create from these patterns.
If you want to know when new patterns are available, simply sign up for the emails on the homepage.
Bear hugz,
Laura Lynn



  • At July 13, 2007 , Blogger Vee said...

    What a great idea Laura! this will be so helpful to new bear makers and be such an encouragement to them. Way to go!

  • At August 06, 2007 , Blogger Laura Lynn said...

    Thank you Vee! I hope you enjoy my new site.

  • At February 10, 2008 , Anonymous Rosie said...

    Hello. I really like your site, but I just love the pictures of the bears you have created. You are very talented. I will visit again. I have been compiling teddy bear data. Please visit my site greatinfotips.com and check out the teddy blog. I find teddy bears very interesting and their history even more so. Rosie


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