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Monday, January 12, 2009

Still working....

Oh my gosh, we're almost half way thru January already!! It feels like I have gotten nothing done... but I must realize that I have. Jen (my daughter) went back to school yesterday. Her visit was wonderful ;)

To start the year out, I got myself a new organizer to help try to keep me on track. It's a pretty pink one! So far so good, but it's not even 2 weeks into the new year ;)

I've got 3 bear orders that should be done this week - and I must send my yearly state sales taxes in by tomorrow at the latest! (which means going thru paperwork... my LEAST favorite chore!) Then I do need to get my yearly books in order. We like to go to our CPA as soon as we get all of our W2's and 1099's. No... I did not keep up on them like I planned to do last January. This year is a new chance to achieve that goal ;-P

My studio was in desperate need of cleaning after the holidays. I think most of the artists I know were in the same boat LOL! After the cleaning, however, I realized I had not been happy with the way the furniture was arranged. Sometimes I have to live with something a while to figure out how to make it better.

Thankfully Jen was home on break from school! I can no longer move heavy items because of my back. Jen was more than happy to help! We started at noon. I really should have taken a picture when I was in the middle of moving things around -- you would have really laughed HARD! But everything got into place when it was time for me to make dinner. If you saw the "in progress" photo that I never took, you would not have believed that I finished in a mere 5 hours! I do have some "after" photos though! As I was going thru my old studio photos, I realize that I never took a photo of my new re-organized supply closet! I'll have to do that later or I'll never finish this post ;)

My studio - Jan -2009 view 1

My Studio Jan -2009 view 2

My Studio Jan -2009 - my main work area


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