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One of a Kind and Small Limited Edition Collectible Artist Teddy Bears Designed + Created by Teddy Bear Artist Laura Lynn Matthews

Friday, May 25, 2007

I have't been hiding... honestly! :)

Hi everyone and Happy Friday!!! Happy Memorial Day weekend too... and a HUGE THANK YOU to all who have served our country... as that is what Memorial Day is all about!

I've been working on some special order bears... and also another Pocket Patchwork bear for eBay. I just can't seem to get things done this week.

Isis, however is doing wonderfully! Thank you everyone for all your good thoughts :)

I hope to be back with a post soon with a finished bear!


  • At May 25, 2007 , Blogger Marlys said...

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  • At May 25, 2007 , Blogger Marlys said...

    Thank you, Laura Lynn, for commenting on on my blog about my bears. I love your bears so you just can't know what your comment means to me. Thank you.

    So glad that Isis is doing well. Sometimes we have little miracles and every day you have with Isis is a little miracle.

    (Sorry, I had to edit because Yikes! I found a typo!)

  • At May 30, 2007 , Blogger Laura Lynn said...

    Marlys you are so welcome! Your bears are adorable :) And ooohhh thank YOU so much!!

    Thank you also for your good thoughts for Isis! If you can believe it... she was running yesterday! Yep, every day with her is a little miracle :)

    Typos... ha ha!! I certainly have my fair share - often my first name! :)

    Laura Lynn


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