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Thursday, May 17, 2007

I've been "tagged" :)

I've been "tagged" by my friend Yvette! I am supposed to start with 7 random facts/habits about myself post them in my blog and then choose 7 people to tag - and not forget to tell them in the comment section of their blog.

  1. Like Yvette... I also start a lot more projects than I finish! I am getting a little better about that though... not in finishing all those projects... but realizing I'll never finish them when they are still ideas... so I don't even start LOL!
  2. I have been lucky enough to have been able to take safari in the Amazon jungle!
  3. I used to be a photographer... a car show portrait photographer... and a pet photographer
  4. I LOVE vegetables!
  5. My daughter is majoring in music education to be a music teacher
  6. My first job was working in a pet store - also my 3rd job
  7. I love to drag race my Trans Am at the drag strip!


  • At May 17, 2007 , Blogger Yvette said...

    It is nice to find out a little more about you!
    Wow drag racing!! Who would think such a dare devil could make such sweet teddies!! LOL "o)

  • At May 17, 2007 , Blogger Sarah said...

    Thanks for tagging me... boy, now I have to think of 7 things about me...

  • At May 17, 2007 , Anonymous Missy said...

    You sound like fun! I wanna drag race!

  • At May 20, 2007 , Blogger Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

    Wow Laura Lynn, you constantly amaze me. An Amazon Jungle Safari, a Sports Car photographer and a Drag Racer. You GO!!!


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